Antitrust Chronicle – Year of the Pig: Antitrust in China

Dear Readers,

We are delighted to release our CPI Antitrust Chronicle issue for March 2019, “Year of the Pig: Antitrust in China,” and present you ten articles as a tribute to the 10th Anniversary of the Anti-Monopoly Law.

2018 has been an important year in China’s development in competition policy. We have witnessed the restructuring of China’s anti-monopoly authorities in April and celebrated the 10th anniversary of the implementation of the Anti-Monopoly Law in August.

This China issue starts with a CPI Talks interview with Mr. Zhenguo Wu, Director General of the Anti-Monopoly Bureau of State Administration for Market Supervision (“SAMR”), the newly established anti-monopoly authority combining all the anti-monopoly enforcement responsibilities of the previous authorities. DG Wu introduces the functions of the new Anti-Monopoly Bureau and the benefits of the unified anti-monopoly law enforcement, reviews the case work since the establishment of the Bureau, and briefs the policy and industry focus of SAMR.

In 2018, SAMR issued conditional approval of four high profile mergers: Bayer/Monsanto, Essilor/Luxottica, Linde/Praxair, and UTC/Rockwell Collins. John Yong Ren, Wesley Wang, and Schiffer Shi from T&D Associates analyze the four cases from the procedural and substantial perspectives.

Prof. Wei Han from the University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Yajie Gao from Queen Mary University of London analyze merger control from another aspect. They l


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