Letter from the Editor – Spring 2012

Competition policy is increasingly taking on a more prominent role worldwide. Since the CPI Journal started in 2005, the number of authorities that oversee competition matters has grown noticeably. In 2005, for example, the International Competition Network’s (ICN) membership was made up of 95 authorities from 84 jurisdictions; by 2012 it is close to 120 agencies and tribunals, with new working groups such as the unilateral conduct group being added. This growth underscores the necessity of finding a common ground in the economic analysis undertaken by the authorities and of providing legal certainty to businesses that have a global footprint.

Competition policy is now more relevant both as a result of the greater importance of up and coming market economies–China, India, and Brazil, for example–as well as the international reach of local antitrust decisions in a world marketplace. With antitrust’s greater significance comes the realization of a need to speak a common technical language, to push for and implement best international practices, and to promote transparency in legal decisions. CPI’s work has focused on these themes since its inception. We are a reference for competition professionals in more than 185 countries who have searched, commented, and contributed to our repository of knowledge since our creation.

The CPI Journal has set a reputation for a high level of exposition and discussion of complex analyses in competition policy–it is a trigger for


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